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2022 Roadmap

#YoungAda in four easy steps just count along.

1, 2, 3, 4 

So we are a group of active members working together to onboard those that are new by providing easy educational resources for DYOR as you enter the Cardano blockchain.


Please join our discord found here > @ "The Cardano Watering Hole " a place to have your first drink of blockchain.


Also this CNFT  (Cardano Non-fungible token) project is focused on providing great value and a part of CNFT history. We also offer high quality merch and upcoming drops with whitelist by owning this CNFT.

new ada 0021.png


#YoungAda CNFT

This is the #YoungAda 3D AR CNFT .

May 2022 we will start the drop for the CNFTs @45 ADA each. One per wallet. This provides you with one CNFT and the W/L .. sale ends 10/31/2022. This also gets you white listed for all drops in the future.


#YoungAda Series 2.
and more!

We have built "Cardano Space Vibes" Series 2 , Then we are doing #YoungAda onboarding packages, VR putt putt and just having a fun time in general with all the new faces on Cardano. 

Cardano TV jpeg.jpg


 Live from Las Vegas       

Las Vegas was awesome and cant wait for next year! Check out the gallery for some of the pics we took in Vegas!


Holiday drop 2022

Ending an exciting year with Cardano we will be releasing a new 3D AR CNFT and a festive themed youth tee shirt drop for the little #youngadas in your life, something for you and something for them. 

Shirt 006.jpg
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