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You Made it !    WAGMI !

#YoungAda to the moon!

#YoungAda is many things.

NFTs, apparel, and education are just the start...

#YoungAda is an attitude, a mindset, and a rallying cry.

You're early. But, you are not alone. Join #YoungAda for the trip of a lifetime.

Here's where we are going this year...

2022 Roadmap

new ada 0021.png
1. #YoungAda cNFT

3D AR CNFT + T-Shirt

Start here. The Series One NFT unlocks all the benefits.

Free mints. Giveaways. Merch. Access to special events. More!

Sold out 11/01/2022

YA all4 001.jpg
Cardano Space Vibes


Each Space Vibes is perfect to use as a PFP on social media.


Let everyone know you are #YoungAda!

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Oct. 8—9 Las Vegas

cNFT con was a blast and we cant wait for next year! Go over to the media gallery and take a look at some of the fun photos from the event!

Youngada old baner.jpg
4. 2022 Holiday Drop

Ending an exciting year with Cardano we will be releasing a new 3D AR CNFT and a festive themed youth tee shirt drop for the little #youngadas in your life, something for you and something for them. 

Giveaways Roadmap

Each milestone we hit has giveaways back to the community. 

100 NFTs

25 Copper Seed Safe™ kits. 100 Series One NFT mints unlocks the first giveaway. We will draw 25 lucky winners. 

200 NFTs

20 #YoungAda T-Shirts. Youth size. At 200 Series One NFT mints we will draw 20 lucky winners. Give it to your kid, or someone else's kid.

#YoungAda merch just for kids.

300 NFTs

5 Hoodies. Do you like hoodies? Of course you do. At 300 mints we'll draw 5 lucky winners to get this ultra exclusive merch.

400 NFTs

Oculus VR headset. One person will win an Oculus VR headset when we pass the 400 mint milestone. Come play VR putt putt golf with the #YoungAda OGs. 

500 NFTs

500 mints is a long road. We'll celebrate this milestone in style!

25 great giveaways! We'll draw 25 winners for:

20 Copper Seed Safe™ kits

2 youth-sized #YoungAda T-Shirts

1 premium, adult-sized #YoungAda hoodie

1 Oculus VR headset

Series 1

3d AR NFT + Tshirt

Here is all the things you get with this one CNFT please take a look I hope you like all of our hard work .


This project is for the Cardano community and is a way to onboard new people to the awesome blockchain first and foremost.


  • The thumbnail image will be a 3D Gif file with the #YoungAda logo in 3D .

  • Each asset comes with the tee shirt jpeg on a colored background – there are 125 of each color. Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.

  • There are 2 AR 3D assets, the tee shirt and a display case holding the tee.

  • This asset will also be available to owners as GLB files to import into future game/metaverse platforms  that support 3D assets.

  • And last but not least this is a WL token for future drops from #YoungAda. and currently gives 50% off series 2

Series 2

4 NFTs!

4 Rarities!

Collect them all!

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