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Minting Giveaways

OK OK here is the minting roadmap . As we hit each 100 units sold we will be giving back to the YoungAda community each step of the way . Take a look and see what we have planed for this brand as we grow and move ahead to CNFT con 2022 in Las Vegas ! Keep in mind that the team lives in Antarctica and has no plans to be at CNFT con ..Sorry this was too of a good joke I had to leave it up!

P.S we will be at CNFT con !

#YoungAda is community driven! 

First 100 Sold 

We will be having a giveaway of 25 Copper seed safes as keeping seed phrases safe is super important.


At 200 Sold

We will be sending out 1 youth sized #YoungAda tee shirts to 20 lucky winners! So whether your a mom or dad or an aunt or uncle get ready for #YoungAda merch just for the kids.

At 300 Sold 

We will have five premium #YoungAda Hoodies made and sent out to the lucky winners!

At 400 Sold

We will be selecting one new member to the #YoungAda VR putt putt golf league as this prize in a new Oculus VR headset ! 

At 500 Sold 

Max giveaway prizes . #1 Coper seed safe degen dozen, #2 two child sized tees , #3 1 premium #YoungAda hoodie , #4 Oculus VR headset ! 

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