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You Made it !


#YoungAda to the moon!

#YoungAda is many things.

NFTs, apparel, and education are just the start...

#YoungAda is an attitude, a mindset, and a rallying cry.

You're early. But, you are not alone. Join #YoungAda for the trip of a lifetime.

Here's where we are going this year...

2022 Roadmap

1. #YoungAda cNFT
new ada 0021.png

3D AR CNFT + T-Shirt

Start here. The Series One NFT unlocks all the benefits.

Free mints. Giveaways. Merch. Access to special events. More!

Sold out 11/01/2022

Cardano Space Vibes
YA all4 001.jpg


Each Space Vibes is perfect to use as a PFP on social media.


Let everyone know you are #YoungAda! Sold Out!

Series 1

3d AR NFT + Tshirt

Here is all the things you get with this one CNFT please take a look I hope you like all of our hard work .


This project is for the Cardano community and is a way to onboard new people to the awesome blockchain first and foremost.


#1 The thumbnail image will be a 3D Gif file with the #YoungAda logo in 3D .


#2 Each asset comes with the tee shirt jpeg on a colored background – there are 125 of each color. Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.


#3 There are 2 AR 3D assets, the tee shirt and a display case holding the tee.


#4  This asset will also be available to owners as GLB files to import into future game/metaverse platforms  that support 3D assets.


 #5 And last but not least this is a WL token for future drops from #YoungAda.

Series 2

4 NFTs!

4 Rarities!

Collect them all!

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